We collaborate with Drs. Yang Xiaohong(杨小红) and Li Jiansheng(李建生) closely for germplasm collection, characterization, utilization and large scale genetic populations developing for genetic architecture dissertation of multiple quantitative traits; with Dr. Wang Guoying(王国英) for high density markers developing and eQTL mapping by deep RNA sequencing of the diverse maize collection; with Drs. Wang Hongwu(王红武), Gao Shibin(高世斌), Tang Jihua(汤继华),Chen Wenjun(陈文俊), Yang Wenpeng(杨文鹏) and Huang Yiqin(黄益勤) for large scale phenotyping; with Drs. Yuan Lixing(袁力行) and Chen Fanjun(陈范骏) for nitrogen genetic analysis; with Zhang Chunyi(张春义) for folic acid genetic analysis; with Drs. Wang Xiaoming (王晓鸣), Fan Xingming(番兴明) and George Mahuku for disease phentoyping and analysis; with Drs.Edward Buckler and Marilyn Warburton for micro nutrition biofortification in maize.