National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement

Huazhong Agricultural University

Shizishan Lu1#,Hongshan, 4330070, Wuhan, China




Education background:

Ø  Huazhong Agricultural University(HZAU)

Ph.D Candidate, College of Life Science and Technology, 2011/9-present

Ø  China Agricultural University (CAU)

Bachelor of Science in Agronomy, College of Agronomy and biotechnology, 2007/9-2011/7



Ø  Theoretical research and utilization of heterosis

Ø  Adaption, genome evolution, and the genetics and evolution of maize

Ø  Genome wide association study of important traits of maize

Ø  Utilization of favorable alleles in teosinte



Ø  2008, 2009   Third-class Scholarship for Learning Outstanding of CAU

Ø  2010   First-class Scholarship for Learning Outstanding of CAU

Ø  2010   National Motivational Scholarships; Merit student of CAU

Ø  2011   Outstanding Graduates Awards of CAU

Ø  2013   National Scholarship of HZAU



I am an optimistic, hard-working boy. It is interesting to explore the biological mysteries of maize. I am willing to make friends and welcome to contact me by E-mail. I like to share and discuss issues and we can lean and improve from each other at the same time. Sports are my favorite amateur life, especially playing football which can bring happiness and health for me. Here I wish everybody healthy and happy every day.



Playing football, Reading books, Listening music etc.



Ø  Yang Q, Li Z, Li WQ (co-first), Ku LX, Wang C, Ye JR, Li K, Yang N, Li YP, Zhong T, Li JS, Chen YH, Yan JB, Yang XH, Xu ML(2013)CACTA-like transposable element in ZmCCT attenuated photoperiod sensitivity and accelerated the postdomestication spread of maize. PANS  October 2013

Ø  Wen WW, Li D, Li X, Gao YQ, Li WQ, LiHH, Liu J, Liu HJ, Chen W, Luo J & Yan JB(2014)Metabolome-based genome-wide association study of maize kernel leads to novel biochemical insights. Nat Commun. 5: 3438.